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Dedicated photographic shoots for
industrial or artisanal productions


We use lighting to portray your production line as no one has done before.


We create the technologies that are needed to obtain the results that we want


Creiamo le tecnologie che ci servono per ottenere i risultati che vogliamo.

We deliver photographic services for industrial lines with the same quality as the photographic services in the studio.

Images are what put a company in communication with its public. In order to be an effective and distinctive communication tool, photographs must be of high quality: not only electronic but also visual.

A photographic shoot without compromises enables the public to understand the processes underlying a product and – more important – to be fascinated by them, creating a much greater degree of engagement than the traditional “industrial photography”. For this reason, we have perfected a service that allows us to deliver photographic services in the setting of a factory without lowering the qualitative standards: the final objective is to increase the perceived value of the work carried out by a company.

We do what is necessary to guarantee quality without compromises

The quality of a shot can be understood in two ways: electronic quality and visual quality.

The electronic quality is measured, including with the use of instruments, in terms of file size, depth of colour, dynamic range, chromatic fidelity etc. It depends on the correct and knowledgeable use of high-performing instruments.

The visual quality is measured in a non-instrumental way in terms of the attractiveness of the image and the engagement of the public, in accordance with both objective parameters (composition, depth of field, chromatic harmony) and subjective parameters (aesthetic taste, personal sensibility, emotional impact, empathy).

While the electronic quality is connected to the technology and the use we make of it, the visual quality very much depends on the quality of the lighting and our ability in manipulating the lighting in relation to the emotions that we want to elicit in the spectator.

Lighting requires a combination of technology, creativity and experience, in addition to vital preparation work and management of the equipment. Lighting systems in an industrial production line are there to assist the work, not photography. Taking photographic shots with available light inevitably means compromising the quality.

We have found the way to avoid making compromises.

In order to ensure optimal lighting, we have developed a working method that allows us to shoot with mixed lighting or flash lighting effects, using at least three light sources without giving up the ability to act and move quickly. In brief, a working method that makes the photographic service very efficient in terms of the quality/quantity ratio and, consequently, this leads to a very competitive service.

We can build up to 50 sets in a day: we light the production line to obtain the effects and the quality that we want, we use our experience to reduce the down times to a minimum and optimise the time available to the utmost.

Every detail of the production is described photographically and effectively presented, consistent with the project guidelines and the resources available.

Reliability and confidentiality: two important values

The companies that come to us benefit from a service characterised by reliability and confidentiality. Reliability is the foremost of the values that mark us out, but confidentiality has an equally important role for us.

In addition to the legal agreements (Non-disclosure Agreements), we, together with our collaborators, adopt a policy on confidentiality (above all, on industrial secrecy) guided by good sense and prudence.
We believe in a professional approach, in accordance with which, when it seems most appropriate and compatible with the production, we produce backstage shots to be agreed with the client in line with the methods and times defined by mutual agreement, avoiding dubious situations.

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