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The studio to call when shooting is difficult


We create the perfect lighting to get the shots you want.


We create commercial photographs to help you reach your target audience.


We offer every client the highest standard of reliability and confidentiality.

Digitalmovie is a photographic studio that operates in Italy and abroad: our speciality is developing personalised solutions in order to offer extremely high quality. Even in difficult conditions. Even with optimised budgets.

We have worked in the world of photography for 20 years, during which we have operated under the most stressful conditions. We well know the problems that can occur during a shoot and we know which solutions to choose to meet the times and budgets available.

Reliability, quality and confidentiality are our essential values: companies that appreciate punctuality and precision, as well as the protection of information about their projects, come to us.

We control every part of the project

Starting a project, for us, means personally taking care of every detail.
During pre-production, we help the client select the location and the models, we arrange the logistics and coordination of the work, often producing a work plan to be agreed by all the professionals involved in the project.

During shooting, the coordination and pre-production work is all about performance: from the simplest situations (where the photographer works directly with the talent) to the most complex projects, we guarantee that all the professionals involved are prepared and ready at the appropriate time.

We devote great attention to the photograph of the scene that represents the building block of the image, since it is fundamental to determine the qualitative level of the visual proposal.
We develop post-production with an original method that separates “horizontal” from “vertical” elements, offering a faster workflow and better quality of the result.

Keeping direct control at every stage of the project allows us to apply our working method: we improve the quality of the final result, we significantly cut down the times and reduce the risk of unforeseen events to a minimum.

Above all, we are professionals

For us, photography is not art but professionalism.

Companies that come to use are looking for high quality results: our work is planning and managing the shoot to obtain these results over time and within the budget available.

Ours is an approach based on professionalism and efficiency, and this allows us to oversee projects with an artistic dimension.

Our Portraits

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