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Professional photographic portraits
for managers and coaches


Our experience in capturing and portraying your professionalism in a photograph.


We create photographic portraits that communicate with your target audience.


Photos and videos for an authentic but engaging presentation in order to stand out from the “followers”

We offer a service of professional photographic portraiture (business portraits) specifically to meet the needs of managers, professionals and entrepreneurs.

For entrepreneurs, managers and freelancers, the first impression is vital and can be decisive in attaining the business objectives. These days, the first impression may even come before the first meeting, thanks to images on websites, brochures and the social networks.

It is not a question of vanity: it is about presenting oneself in the right way.

In a society dominated by appearance, effective photography makes it possible to communicate the real value of a professional and to open a conversation with potential clients and partners, starting from a position of advantage.

Our professional photographic portraiture is dedicated to professionals who want to present themselves in the best light and, simply, stand out from the competition with an image that can be conveyed through different shots, more rigorous and formal than the “friendly”, relaxed versions, providing a flexible photographic portfolio suitable for the various occasions when a professional may be asked for a profile image.

Our idea of photographic portraiture

In approaching a shooting session dedicated to the business portrait, we assess various factors together with the client and make choices that reflect in a simple and direct way not only the personality of the subject (as in personal portraiture) but also, and above all, the role and the professional field.

Usually, a shooting session for a business portrait involves the professional spending around 15/20 minutes on the set, when the photographic look is personalised with regard to the subject and various stylistic solutions are considered.
The professional portrait can be without a setting (usually with a neutral or textured backdrop), with a partial setting (with appropriate objects, such as a book for a writer, a graphics tablet for a designer etc.) or in a full setting (for example, a dental clinic).

Depending on the style and objectives of the portrait, classic lighting techniques like the “butterfly or Hollywood”, the split, the Rembrandt, the “loop” and “cross lighting” can be used. Alternatively, it is possible to “experiment” with more creative or unusual lighting patterns, in a process of research that overlays the experience of the photographer (especially in interpreting a face) onto the experience of the subject, which must be regarded as an opportunity to get away from the cliché of the forced smile and build up an authentic and communicative image.

The end result will be an engaging image from the visual point of view and available in the form of a technically impeccable file.

The most common intended uses for a well-structured professional portrait are LinkedIn profiles, technical reports, business reports and multimedia presentations, professional profiling cards, corporate images within company profiles, portraits designed for publication etc.

Do you need a professional photo portrait?