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Underwater shooting:
high quality down to 150 metres deep


We use lighting systems in order to operate effectively even under water.


Our approach to the work guarantees quality, even below the surface of the water.


We make our know-how available to create underwater shots with great emotional impact.

We specialise in underwater shooting even under extreme conditions: we operate in the same way as exploration missions and guarantee the same quality shooting as on the surface.

For more than 20 years, we have created videos and photographs and, for more than 25 years, Andrea Mescalchin – one of our founders – has personally created professional underwater videos. The wide-ranging experience gained means he is even able to operate at considerable depths, ensuring the quality of the shooting and lighting even under water.

With the same philosophy, founded on values of reliability and efficiency, Andrea extends his range of action from the studio to below the surface of the water, combining high technology with experience and professional abilities, thanks also to the use of electronic breathing apparatus (rebreather) and shooting systems personalised for him in collaboration with technical partners including underwater housing manufacturers.

High efficiency under all conditions

In many cases, shooting underwater videos means working alongside exploration missions, even in dangerous situations: our experience allows us to operate effectively under all conditions, without slowing down the other divers.

Thanks to the use of lighting systems we invented ourselves, we can maintain the quality of the lighting even in high-risk scenarios and complete the shooting on a single dive.

Total control over every detail

Our approach to underwater shooting is the same as for every project we begin: we personally oversee every detail, from the preliminary phases to post-production.

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