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We make video commercials: from video produced for advertising to structured e-learning, always maintaining optimal quality


With more than 20 years of experience, we are able to handle commissions of every type.


We personally take care of every detail of the project in order to guarantee quality and efficiency.


We choose the most suitable technologies to meet the needs of the client.

We have 20 years’ experience in making videos, which means we are able to recognise quality.
Above all, we know how to create it.

Over time, we have developed a series of skills, making use of them in various sectors: this enables us to create original, engaging videos, combining techniques and technologies in order to reduce the times of the work and the cost for the client.

The quality of audiovisual content does not only depend on the performance of the camera but the entire workflow, including both the technology and the skills of the professionals. The correct alignment of the resources on the quality level enables us to achieve the right balance between the level of the means used and the objective set by the client. It is also a working method that eliminates time-wasting and optimises the cost-result ratio.

We give the clients what they need

We set up every video production project in order to provide the client with a package that includes all the contents they require. Today, a medium like video is often accompanied by other complementary media, such as the “making of” (or backstage) shots, production notes (interviews with those involved) or other dedicated content for the social networks.

The evolution of the trends has standardised the need for teaser trailers and backstage videos alongside the production of the complete video. The output formats also tends to be increasingly flexible and they allow us to generate the versions most suitable for publication on the web and the social networks. In addition, the client can request video content cut to various times (“cuts”) and various aspect ratios (16:9/5:4/9:16/1.85:1 ratios) with a degree of total personalisation.

We maintain control of every stage of the work: we offer the client our experience in planning the shoot, the choice of set, the preparation of the location, the make-up for the actors, all the way through to post-production. Being organised to efficiently manage every detail means nothing is left to chance and allows us to guarantee the quality standards that we promise.

We put technology at the service of experience

Experience teaches us that technology can be a double-edged sword: this is why we use the most up-to-date technologies on the market only when they are appropriate and proportional to the production level, thereby making sure they are used to the direct benefit of the project on which we are working.

We put technology at the service of expertise, never the contrary. We decide which tools to use based on the results that we want to obtain: in this way, we manage to deploy the most advanced equipment in the most suitable contexts, ensuring respect for the client’s instructions.